The Land Of Dreams

Since ancient times Yemen has enchanted travelers, merchants, philosophers and kings with its secrets and its wealth. At the crossroads of spice and incense routes, Yemen is one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world that has not yet been touched by the winds of modernity. This fascinating country stretching from the shores of the Red Sea to beyond the shores of the Arabian Sea is extraordinarily rich in historical sites.

The ancient sites are refreshingly free of commercial ventures with an atmosphere of uncluttered authenticity no longer present at better-trodden historical locations. One of the most striking features of Yemen is its astonishing architecture. The country is covered in ancient skyscrapers made from stone and mud - where people live on top of their animals.

Every visitor is fascinated with the variety and contrasts in landscape, architecture and people: From gigantic mountains with fortress-like villages on the top of the peaks to picturesque urban settlements with houses of clay, bricks and stone; from deserts to fertile valleys; from dreamlike beaches to colorful markets filled with the sounds, fragrances and faces from 1001 Nights, you will meet the old wisdom and the art of the Land of the Queen of Sheba everywhere.

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