The History Museum of Armenia, established in 1920, stands as a prominent institution within Armenia, boasting a comprehensive collection encompassing various departments such as Archaeology, Numismatics, Ethnography, Modern History, and Restoration. With a vast national collection containing 400,000 artifacts, it plays a pivotal role in preserving the country's heritage. This remarkable collection comprises 35% archaeology-related items, 8% ethnography-related items, 45% numismatics-related items, and 12% documents.
Situated on Republic Square in Yerevan, the museum holds a special status as Armenia's national museum. Both the collection and the building are owned by the state, which provides essential financial support for its operation. The museum actively engages in conservation and restoration efforts and is a prolific publisher of works related to Armenian architecture, archaeology, ethnography, and history. Since 1948, the museum has published a series of reports detailing archaeological excavations.

In addition to its preservation and research functions, the museum is committed to educational and scientific programs that promote a deeper understanding of Armenian history and culture. 

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