The Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires, located along Figueroa Alcorta Avenue in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires, is a cultural institution with a unique history. Founded by Argentine entrepreneur Eduardo Costantini, this museum is administered by the non-profit Fundación MALBA – Costantini, and it officially opened its doors on September 21, 2001.
The heart of this institution revolves around the impressive Costantini Collection, which forms the core of its exhibits. Over the years, the museum has consistently expanded its repertoire, gathering works from a diverse array of modern artists hailing from across Latin America. In addition to being a repository of fine art, the museum functions as a vibrant cultural center, offering an array of art and film exhibitions, along with a range of enriching cultural activities.
With a dedicated base of over 1,400 active supporters, the museum is not only a vital cultural asset but also enjoys the patronage of a broad community. Its architectural design is the result of an international design competition that saw the submission of 450 proposals from 45 different countries. The esteemed jury, consisting of architects from around the world, awarded the top prize to three young Argentine architects: Gaston Atelman, Martin Fourcade, and Alfredo Tapia. The actual construction was carried out by AFT Architects, an Argentine architectural firm.
The mission of MALBA is to collect, preserve, conduct research on, and promote Latin American art from the early 20th century to the present day, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of cultural expression in the region.


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