The Teatro Colón stands as the premier opera house in Buenos Aires, Argentina, renowned for its excellence. It has been acknowledged as one of the world's top ten opera houses by National Geographic. In a survey conducted by the esteemed acoustics expert Leo Beranek, among prominent international opera and orchestra directors, the Teatro Colón's venue was ranked as the finest for opera and second only to the best for concerts globally.

This iconic establishment replaced the original theater that opened its doors in 1857. Towards the close of the century, it became evident that a new venue was necessary. After a meticulous two-decade-long endeavor, the current Teatro Colón made its grand debut on May 25, 1908, with Giuseppe Verdi's "Aïda." Over the years, the Teatro Colón was graced by the presence of leading vocalists and opera companies of the era, often continuing their performances in other cities, including Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo.
After a phase of remarkable international success, the theater's gradual decline became evident, prompting extensive renovation plans. Commencing with initial restoration efforts in 2005, the theater underwent a comprehensive refurbishment, leading to its closure from October 2006 to May 2010. The Teatro Colón celebrated its triumphant reopening on May 24, 2010, unveiling a vibrant program for its 2010 season.

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