Visit the amazing city of Baalback who is famous for its preserved ancient sites such as Heliopolis and Its temples Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus. they were constructed between the first and the third centuries A. D. It makes up the largest and best preserved corpus of roman architecture left around. And visit the Umayyad Ruins in Anjar and taste the best Lebanese wine at Chateau Kasara, one of Lebanon's oldest and most famous wineries.

The Temple of Jupiter, principal temple of the Baalbek triad, was remarkable for its 20 m high columns that surrounded the cella, and the gigantic stones of its terrace. The adjacent temple dedicated to Bacchus is exceptional; it is richly and abundantly decorated and of impressive dimensions with its monumental gate sculpted with Bacchic figures. The Round Temple or Temple of Venus differs in its originality of layout as well as its refinement and harmonious forms, in a city where other sanctuaries are marked by monumental structures. The only remaining vestige of the Temple of Mercury located on Cheikh Abdallah Hill, is a stairway carved from the rock. The Odeon, located south of the acropolis in a place known as Boustan el Khan, is also part of the Baalbek site, and considered among the most spectacular archaeological sites of the Near East.
Baalbek became one of the most celebrated sanctuaries of the ancient world, progressively overlaid with colossal constructions which were built during more than two centuries. Its monumental ensemble is one of the most impressive testimonies of the Roman architecture of the imperial period.
In Baalbek explore the fascinating city and marvel at well preserved historical remains such as the temple of Bacchus and Jupiter. Its monuments makes up the largest and best preserved corpus of roman architecture left around.

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