Slovenia, perhaps rather unfairly, may not be everyone’s first pick when jetting off to an exciting new holiday destination. Instead, it is quietly but steadily becoming an up-and-coming corner of the world to visit, and first time travellers here won’t leave disappointed. Revel in the lush valleys and trails that that wind through the Alps, enjoy the folk culture, or learn all about the local fine wine. Join us as we take you on a tour through this stunning and hauntingly beautiful country.

You might get a feeling that Llubljana is a special place when you wander around this dainty city and notice the myriad dragon statues that dot the streets. According to legend, Jason and the Argonauts slayed a similar monster in Llubljana in the days of old and, aside from the dragons, the city is packed full of gorgeous architecture that dates for the Baroque period. As well as sculptures and art work, the city is also known for its little squares that line the part of the city called Old Town. Watching over the city is Ljubljana Castle that is served by a funicular in case you don’t fancy the trek up, and you can also climb the clock tower and soak in the spectacular views over the city.

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