The Kranji Countryside Association (KCA) was conceived in January 2005 by a group of visionary farmers wanting to raise awareness about Singapore''s rural north-western corner. KCA''s objectives are to promote local agriculture and food production, eco-tourism, education, recreation and conservation.

KCA introduced the concept of "Agritainment" into the Kranji countryside, and many farms are open to the public for touring. KCA believes that every child should be brought up to appreciate and cherish our natural environment, to understand where food comes from, and to live a life of health and sustainability. We hope to impart a green consciousness to one and all, and to encourage Singaporeans and visitors alike to return to nature and its treasures.

We also believe that the countryside should be a place with a soul, and that challenged Singaporeans should be able to find employment and empowerment on the farms. Join us in our vision to keep this part of Singapore wild, beautiful and caring.


The Kranji countryside has been named the world''s first and best LOHAS region! LOHAS stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, and it is a global movement to educate consumers on how to make healthier and more responsible choices. KCA works with LOHAS Asia Pacific to promote sustainable best practices, local agriculture and
low-impact and eco-friendly recreational activities. Come discover the Kranji countryside and get a taste of OUR LOHASIAN WAY OF LIFE.

Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth (RASC) is a confederation of over 50 leading national and regional Agricultural Show Societies, Agricultural Associations and Research Bodies working in 20 Commonwealth countries.

The KCA has been a full member of the RASC since 2011, and is fully committed in furthering the RASC''s objectives of encouraging high standards of sustainable agriculture, uplifting the rural economy, raising awareness of agriculture and rural concerns and facilitating development and extension work in countries where it is needed.

KCA has sent representatives to the RASC conferences since 2008. KCA''s young farmers, Kenny Eng (KCA Vice President) and Chelsea Wan (KCA Hon Sec) were the only Asian representatives and first met others in RASC to tell them about our work in preserving the farming industry and the concept of Agritainment to sustain farming businesses in our city-state. As this model of urban-rural co-existence intrigued the RASC, the idea was mooted for KCA to host the Next Generation visit in 2011. During the 2010 conference held in Edinburgh, Chelsea bidded for this opportunity and won it for KCA. From 12 to 16 November 2011, KCA hosts the RASC NG Understanding and Assistance Mission. 21 delegates from 12 countries visited farms, government agencies, high commissioners and community gardens during their stay.


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