Ujjayanta Palace is a royal palace located in the Capital city Agartala. The Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya constructed the palace during 1899-1901. During that period it was built at a cost 10 lakh of rupees. The magnificent two-storied mansion encompasses an area of one sq. km. Ujjayanta Palace has a mixed type of architecture. Its three high domes add to its majestic look and the central dome is 86 feet high. The distinguishable features of the palace are the splendid tile floor and beautifully carved wooden ceiling and doors.

Ujjayanta Palace is set in a huge garden that is beautifully laid and decorated with pools and fountains. This well maintained garden has two large tanks on either side. The garden is laid in the patterns of the Mughal gardens. The palace is gorgeously floodlit at night.
The palace can be reached very easily by rail, road and air. One can get direct flights to Agartala from major eastern cities like Calcutta or Guwahati. There are trains up to Dharmanagar and Kumarghat and from there one can go by road. From Kumarghat the distance to Agartala is 170 km.
Earlier the Ujjayanta Palace was located 10 km away from the city of Agartala. But the palace was destroyed due to the earthquake in 1897. Latter it was reconstructed at the heart of the city. A number of temple complexes have been developed on all sides of the palace complex. The deities worshiped in these temples are of Uma-Maheshwari, Jagannath, Lakshmi-Narayan and Kali. 

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