The most ancient Gurdwara of Abohar, Gurdwara Bad Tirath Sahib is closely linked to the first and the tenth Sikh Guru. The small pool of water located within the Gurdwara, called the Sarovar, is believed to have once quenched the thirst of the Sikh Guru. Many devotees now take a holy dip in its waters. The Gurdwara is beautifully constructed with white marble stones and is a significant site in Abohar. Be sure to visit its enchanting aura to satisfy your spiritual needs when you visit the charming city of Abohar.

Abohar is a quaint town, with scanty population, offering zero interference between you and the beautiful town. You can be sure to come back from this trip feeling rejuvenated, enriched and touched about the brotherhood that prevails across man-made borders. Immerse yourself in the humanity of Abohar and emerge revitalized.

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