The almost 900 square kilometres of Pongara National Park were select because of the diverse landscape there. Forest, mangrove flats, beach, and savannah.

It’s incredibly accessible (for Gabon!) and home to tons of bird species, including the threatened Damara terns.

The forests are filled with monkeys, duiker, buffalo, elephants, and chimpanzees.

Pongara Point, the beach area of the park where the estuary connects to the ocean, is home to endangered leatherback turtles.

This is the place where they crawl ashore in order to lay their eggs.

If you’re visit between November and February you can catch one of the many educational programmes conducted by Adventures Without Borders, a group whose aim is to protect the turtles and reduce the threat caused by humans.

Don’t miss the first burial spot of Chief Rapontchombo and learn about the mysteries of his second burial spot!

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