The Garden of Dreams, a neo classical historical garden, is situated in the Thamel area of Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu. After the completion of this Garden in 1920 it was considered as one of the most sophisticated private gardens of the time. I like to visit the garden on every trip to Nepal as I find it oozing with beauty and peace. I always go with my wife and I recommend you take your loved one as there is something about the garden that excites romance, you will nearly always see young Nepalese couples enjoying the garden.

Located across the street from the former Royal Palace at the entrance to the Thamel tourist area, the Garden was made famous as the Garden of Six Seasons which was created for Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana (1892–1964), in early 1920. The Garden, which featured a design inspired by the Edwardian style, was considered one of the most sophisticated private gardens of that time. Landscape architect Kishore Narshingh, designer of Singha Durbar and architect to Kaiser Shumsher''s father, the Maharaja, designed and supervised the construction of the Garden of Dreams.

Within the Garden walls are pavilions, fountains, decorative garden furniture, and European-inspired features such as verandas, pergolas, balustrades, urns, and birdhouses. Each of the six pavilions, which provide the Garden''s architectural framework, is dedicated to one of the six seasons in Nepal. After the death of Kaiser Sumsher, the garden was handed over to the government of Nepal, but it was not properly managed for decades. Today, only half of the original garden remains.
After the demise of Kaiser Sumsher, the garden was handed over to the Government of Nepal. However it was not properly managed for decades and fell into ruin. The Garden of Dreams was restored in cooperation with Austrian Government from 2000 to 2007 and has revived the garden as per the original concept with added modern facilities although it is now half it’s original size but still impressive.


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