Agadez Mosque is central shrine in city. Agadez city started to develop in the 11th century AD and in the 14th century here was built residence of the Sultan of Agadez, leader of local Tuaregs. City was important trade centre and also a centre of learning.

Agadez Mosque was built in 1515, when city was captured by the Songhai Empire. Tuaregs, reportedly, went to Timbuktu to learn construction techniques and only then built this magnificent building.

Mosque was restored and partly rebuilt in 1844. Now it is the dominating structure in this desert city and approaching caravans see it long before they see the city itself. Tall tower served as watchtower - Agadez was fortified city in the past and it could stand against the siege. Mosque is a symbol of Agadez and in a way - a symbol of the whole north of Niger.

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