Band-e-Amir Lakes

  • 08-11-2019
  • Afghanistan
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The five lakes of Band-e Amir are arguably Afghanistan greatest natural asset. The group of five lakes are collectively known as Band-e- Amir. Band-e-Amir lakes are also considered the lakes of jewels. Lakes of Band e Amir are formed naturally with special geological formations. Color of the water is deep blue flourishing with amazing natural beauty.

The Lakes

The natural lakes of Band e Amir were created by the carbon dioxide with rich water oozing out of the faults and fractures. The deep blue water of the lakes glitters like jewels. The lakes are formed by limestone deposits. The most accessible of the lakes is Band-e-Haibat, literally translated as Dam of Awe. High mineral content of the lake water grants it the color. Due to high mineral content, water seems to change its color during the day time presenting a stunning beauty.

Lakes of Band e Amir Band-E-Amir is a beautiful place to relax and take in the spectacular scenery, eat freshwater fish at lakeside, and drink the pure water straight from the source. Band-e-Amir was decided to be developed as an natonal park but due to political inconsistencies in Kabul the plan could not materialise.



Band e Amir lakes are located in the central Afghanistan. The lakes are high in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Lakes of Band e Amir lie 75km west of Bamiyan, via the village of Shahidan. Budhas of Bamiyan are so close to the Lake.

Getting There

The place is most easily visited from Bamiyan. The visitors most often visit the lakes on Thursday or Fridays. In good weather the trip from Bamiyan takes around five hours. It is usually necessary to hire a vehicle there as there is little transport available for the lakes. One can take transport to Yawkawlang and get off at the junction to the lakes. Private minivans are also available. The road can only be attempted in summers or in the autumns due to snow falls.

Band-e Amir

There is a chaikhana at Band-e Haibat, where the people visiting the lake can pay a visit. Locally caught fish and some local dishes are served here. One night stay can also be available at low price. Next to the chaikhana is a small mosque dedicated to Ali. Couple of rowing boats are also available which you can use to move to the lake. Swimming is possible but only for men. The water of the lake is incredibly cold.

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