Panjshir Valley

  • 08-11-2019
  • Afghanistan
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Panjshir Valley is undoubtedly the most beautiful region in Afghanistan. The Valley, located about 60 miles from Kabul, Panjshir Valley is known for its fascinating landscape and possesses great potential for trekking. The Valley, which stretches for 62miles to the Anjoyman Pass, has been the centre of Afghan resistance against the invading Soviets and the ultra-conservative Taliban.


Proximity to Kabul

Natural beauty of Panjshir and its proximity to Capital Kabul made it the favorite of the international tourists, when Afghanistan was in the tourist map of the world. Panjshir Valley is a picturesque placeThe Kabulis also visited Panjshir Valley to spend their weekends. It is best to visit during the mulberry, grape or apricot harvests. In spring season, the steep mountains flaunt dark green color. Hospitality of the Panjshir people is unforgettable.

Mausoleum of Masood

Mausoleum of Ahmed Shah Masood, the legedanry mujahedin fighter and Afghan national hero, lies in the Panjshir Valley. The Mausoleum is nothing less than a pilgrimage centre for the visitors. Masud, a brilliant military strategist, foiled nine Russian attempts to conquer Panjshir Valley.

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