Ngwe Saung beach is situated near Yangon city and it can be reached within a 6-hour drive from Yangon.  The beach itself is approximately 9 miles long and one of the longest beach in South East Asia and newly opened beach in Ayeyarwaddy delta region interconnected with the Andaman Sea.  Moreover, Ngwe Saung is located a bit south of Ngapali which is also another popular beach resorts in Myanmar.


Though, the beach itself was recently opened, due to the incredible quality of the beach, water and sand, it is getting more and more attention from tourists and becoming more popular.  It is not just that the beach is good in quality but it also has incredible vistas and breathtaking view of the Bay of Bengal especially during the evening when the sun goes set.


That is not the end of it, as a few villages located around the area of the beach; visitors can expect to see the traditions of the people living around the village. People living in those villages mainly make a living as fishermen and it is obviously that fresh seafood are available in almost every outlet and restaurants located along the beach.

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