The castle is located about 10 kilometers from the town of Limassol (Cyprus). It is easily accessible by car (very convenient to take the rental car in Cyprus). Also the castle included in bus tours for tourists. In 1191, the castle took the English King Richard the Lionheart, and here he married his fiancee Berengaria of Navarre.



The castle was built at the beginning of the XIII century Kyu de Luzinianom (Guy de Lusignan), King of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Later, in 1454 the castle was rebuilt and it has acquired a modern look. The castle was well protected. The main tower of the castle - a three-story square tower-dungeon. Its height about 21 meters. Each side of the tower has a length of 16 meters on the outer side and 13.5 feet on the inside. The entrance to the dungeon of the castle is located on the second floor in the central part of the south wall. Entrance to the tower was carried out on a wooden bridge. The bridge was equipped with a chain hoist. Near the castle are the ruins of the plant for processing sugar cane. That sugar was the main export crop produced in the Middle Ages in these places.

On the roof of the castle is equipped with an observation deck.

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