Kourion - one of the most famous sights of Cyprus. This ancient city-state was destroyed by an earthquake in the IV century.

The town is mentioned ancient authors such as Ptolemy, Herodotus, Stephen Byzantine and Pliny the Elder.



According to available data, the first settlements of people have been here already for 3300 BC. The first city was probably built around 1400 BC. The main attraction of Kourion is the Greco-Roman amphitheater. There were battles gladiators and other representations to the public. But the remnants of other buildings are also impressive. On the excavations, you can see the remains of the house gladiators home Eustolios, and other interesting objects.


House Eustolios was a private Roman villa, before becoming a public recreation center during the early Christian period. Bathhouse mosaic floors of the house give an idea of the living standards of residents.

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