Petra tou Romiou


Petra tou Romiou - one of the most famous places in Cyprus. Many tourists will certainly try to visit this place. You can also find the name “Rock of Aphrodite”, “Rock of the Greek”. This place is known as the "Birthplace of the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite." It is said that those who swim in this place will become younger and more beautiful. The shore at this place is not very suitable for swimming, so you can just walk along the shore. The site is located near the road from Limassol to Paphos.



The cult of the goddess of love Aphrodite was very common in Cyprus before the arrival of the Romans. Traces of this cult are found everywhere on the island in the remnants of numerous temples. In those days Aphrodite was known for lustful love more than romantic love. Nowadays many young couples tend to hold a wedding in Cyprus and to visit this place.

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