Our shopkeeper, Abune, got it into his head that he wanted to vacation in Tangiers, Morocco, this coming winter. If you've met Abune, he seems shy, but on vacation, he likes to sip the bubbly while he frolics by a swimming pool. 



So we had no choice but to build one for him to take along. But the union spokesperson said, "We can build you all the fountains you want, but it's not in our contract to design and build pools." 

So Abune now has a pool fountain. He can swim in it, float around in it, or laze on a chaise with a 1921 bottle of champagne from Chateau d'Abune within reach.



We've embedded original sound and three original singles poses — swim, float and relax on the chaise. But we like to think you'll set out some cozier poses and invite company over to cuddle on a chaise or in the water.


With the menu, you can switch the fountain on or off, and control the lights, sound and particle density.



Prim count listed is for basic pool fountain only. Each chaise is 6 prims, table is 6, champagne bottle and glasses are 1 each.


Dimensions: 25.5m by 20 m (13 m tall)

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