Moving further south the weather starts to warm up a lot as you move toward the Sahara desert and toward the nation of Western Sahara. The climate in this region can exhibit bizarre patterns at times as the hot air off the desert hits the cold air of the Atlantic. As a result there can often be mist and fog along the coast.



Agadir is a resort town that lies in the middle of the Moroccan Atlantic coast. Here the average temperatures are in the 20’s all year round, making it a very popular tourist destination.



The town was once previously destroyed entirely by a severe earthquake; it was rebuilt about 3km south of the original spot. You won’t find any ancient architecture here; most of the buildings are modern and there a lot of resorts and hotels, making it feel like a purpose-built resort town. It still has beautiful beaches.


Once you reach further south the conditions are much more arid and desert-like, particularly when you reach the very south desert town of Tan Tan. Here the Sahara enters Morocco and reaches right to the ocean. Temperatures here are hot year round, only slightly cooled by the Atlantic sea breezes.


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