Chefchaouen is a charming small town of about 40,000 inhabitants which is about 100kmde Ceuta on the slopes of mountains Tisouka (2050m) and Megou (1616m) in the Cordillera of the Rif, which rise above the city as two horns, giving its name to the city (Chefchaouen in Berber means "look at the horns"). At about 660m. altitude and with very little car traffic, you can breathe clear air and cool that invites a few days to explore the beauty of this place and its environment .




The Medina of Chefchaouen - Chefchaouen o o Xauen - is fairly quiet and small. if we enter through one of its five doors and we get carried away by our senses, we find ourselves inundated with many new sensations like smells of freshly baked in wood or tagine ready to eat bread. 



The wide variety of colors of different products shops and bazaars contrast with the dazzling blue-white houses. The blend of voices and unfamiliar sounds will guide you through the narrow streets that wind inevitably to the meeting point and rest, Plaza Uta el-Hammam. 



Here in the shade of the mulberry tree, one can relax on the terrace of a restaurant or a cafeteria, while observing the comings and goings of passers-by and the beauty of the Grand Mosque and the Kasbah in front. 


A few steps away is the Place de makhzan with the Parador and the public car park, where you can take a lane that leads northeast to Bab el-Ansar and the source of Ras el-Maa , one of the most beautiful places in Chefchaouen. 

We can then run down the soothed by the pleasant sound of water stream and see how women do laundry and how water mills still operating. This lovely walk takes us to Rif Sebbanin, neighborhood laundries with Square Sebbanin and mosque of the fifteenth century. 



From there you can continue the journey to the center of the Medina, or heading to the modern city in the lower part of the city, or in the direction of the country ... or where your path leads you - that you make from discoveries ...! 


Some other ideas for visiting Chefchaouen 


- Visit the gardens of the Kasbah and small museum which houses a small collection of antique weapons and instruments, textiles and some historical photos of the city; there is also an art gallery inside the walls. 

- Get off at the modern city on a Monday or Thursday in order to understand the market in which the inhabitants of the mountain in traditional dress came to offer their products. 

- Mount the small mosque Bouzafar Jemaa el-Ras from Maa to see the sunset. 

- Directly or ride in the mountains - we recommend that you take a guide - enjoy beautiful nature.



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