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 12 years ago, a group of dynamic people came together to form a portal of discovery and opportunity for all, one that gave Travellers a chance to explore their world with happy faces and even happier wallets.  Today, striving to give you more, Sonomar Travel, part of the Metz Group of Companies, offers you voyages for all sorts of purposes, from Leisure, to Corporate, to Marriage, Sonomar has got it all covered for a trip free from worries and one filled with joy and comfort.

Sonomar Travel outweighs all cons by serving you immediately and on the dot, with two local teams found in Lebanon and Cyprus respectively.  Both teams have been in the business quite a while, having just enough research done on matters regarding:
Leisure  Travels that encompass :
- Flights and accommodation to all destinations
- Visa applications
- Transfers
- Travel Insurance
- Car Rentals
- Tours of the Gorgeous Lebanon
- Tours of the Beautiful Cyprus
Travels to Cyprus for Marriage Purposes that encompass :
- Ticket and flight arrangements
- Visa and Documentation regarding marriage in Cyprus
- Transfers
- Accommodation in Cyprus
- Ceremony Organization
- Reception Organization
- Honeymoon packages
How often will you fall in love ?  How often will you hold a wedding celebration ?  Drop your conscience and let Sonomar Travel be your guide !
Medical Travels that encompass :
- Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
- Cosmetic Dentistry
- Hair Loss Treatment
- Bariatric Procedures
- Orthopedic Procedures
- Fertility Treatments
- Ophthalmic Procedures
- Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
- Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Procedures
- Cancer surgery and treatments
Always offering our clientele the finest of facility services, with the best and most accredited Doctors and Surgeons, between both Lebanon and Cyprus.
Saifi – El Arz Street
P. O. Box 8958
Beirut, Lebanon
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