Siesta Hotel

Come to Grenada and let us show you “our little slice of paradise”. Envelop yourself in tropical delight at our small family run hotel. Snugly tucked into a lush hillside, we offer you Grenada accommodation that is friendly and intimate on the totally gorgeous Isle of Spice. Siesta Hotel in Grand Anse is ideal for those on a budget who want to relax and immerse themselves in this lovely tropical island. Five minutes walk and the view suddenly unfolds as you enter the stunning 2.5 mile expanse of the Grand Anse Beach. As you look over the water, to the pretty capital of St George’s, you are surrounded by a huge sky. The crystal clear aquamarine waters of the Caribbean beckon you and entice you to swim in their warmth. Stay and watch the delights of the sunset and then maybe you will see the Green Flash. After sunset, the skies around Grand Anse display colours that slowly intensify into a palette of loveliness, with pinks and purples.

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