South Africa Travel Online specialises in new, reviews and research on flights, cruises and car hire in South Africa. A lot of the material is written by our readers through our unique system of giving away travel vouchers to anybody who writes a travel review for us. We are wholly owned by South Africans and our proud for our homeland shines through on the website.

Because most of our clientele are looking for budget travel, we have a particular focus on the low cost carriers - Mango Airlines and Kulula flights; but we also look at the full service carriers - SAA, SA Airlink, South African Express and British Airways Comair.
Cruises is a growing part of our business, and there the focus is on cruises drom Durban, Cape Town and Mediterranean Cruises. Our main cruise partners are MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises and Royal Caribbean.
We cover car rental all over the world; but in particular in South Africa. Three major cities we look at are car hire in Durban and car rentals from Cape Town and Johannesburg. Vehicles offered range from minivans (Hyundai H1's, Toyota Quantums and VW Transporters) to entry-level cars, luxury BMWs and Mercedes Benz's.

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