Port of Tallinn is a company owned by the Republic of Estonia; its strategic goal is to develop the competitiveness of Estonia as a maritime country.

Port of Tallinn is the biggest port authority in Estonia and as far as both cargo and passenger traffic are taken into account, the biggest port on the shores of the Baltic Sea.
The activities of Port of Tallinn are divided mainly between the following areas:
  • cargo and activities related to handling it
  • passengers and activities related to serving them
  • real estate development
  • shipping
  • energetics
In order to fit effectively into the competitive environment, Port of Tallinn underwent a complete restructuring process in the mid 1990s by developing from a service port into a port of landlord type. In 1999, the last cargo handling operations were finally given into the hands of private companies.
Today, Port of Tallinn operates as a landlord type of port with no cargo handling operations of its own. It is maintaining and developing the infrastructure of the port and leasing territories to terminal operators through building titles giving the operators an incentive to invest into superstructure and technology.
Today, the idea has been thoroughly analysed and more than 200 people have provided feedback. The idea was previously tested in the circle of acquaintances and after ten months of hard work, we published the first technical solution on 1 October 2013. Further development of improving safety, functionality and user friendliness is under way.

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