Murchison falls community tours ltd employs a staff of competent andhighly skilled staff that are committed to  customer's  needs  and satisfy actions.  They have  good   education  background  and are experienced in tourism fields. They're full time workers and are capable to guide clients from different parts of the world because of their experience in languages; kiswahili, English, French, Germany and many more languages.

Murchison Falls Community Tours has the largest tourist destinations    in  Uganda and Rwanda with several connections  to  Uganda National Parks  and other tourist sites like cultural sites. It is remarkable from other companies because of the strong  customer care skills and expertise in tourism related field and budgetd trips. It was started by three strong men with a strong experience in tourism services. They are advantaged by  the existance of Murchison falls  national    park, Kibale forest ,Mt.Rwenzori and  Queen Elizabeth National Parks which made them to aquire high level of experience.
"To be a leading community tour company which link culture and nature for community development."
Murchison falls community tours caters to the needs of  travellers and  offers avariety of  tours  that  will give  a  client   an  experience  of a life  time and  unforgottable  memories.  It  offers   nature  tours   and
interactions with local natives. We hope you will  choose Murchison falls  community tours to  offer   you with unforgotable services.

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