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Maniton Tours: 

Was established in 1998 as one of the leading & fast growing travel agency in Egypt, has a workforce of sixty employees, who all work under the guarantee that we will do anything and everything to ensure our guests maximum satisfaction, Technology friendly and widely experienced in the intricacies of Egyptian tourism.

Our Vision:

We believe that our work is not just to get someone from one point to the other it is the ultimate realization of a pleasurable journey away from the usual, the normal or the average.

Tourism is a great industry for those who do what they cherish those who have passion for their work, those who can live up to all challenges and those are the members of our team: fully committed to relate to all our customers' aspirations.

A commitment that comes from understanding is rarely found

As a service provider, we realize that our product cannot be seen, touched or even smelled however, it can be customized, enhanced and optimized to make sure we leave our customer with a positive experience and worthwhile memories to take back home.

The spirit to serve, the full understanding of adequate standards of service and the proper communication skills – which are, in a nut shell, conveying honest, accurate and complete Information – are, in our modest opinion, the main keys to a successful tourism operation.

With this in mind, we built a tour operator honoring this concept.

Our first class services include deluxe accommodation, private parties, special media events, conferences, meetings, incentives and diverse dinning venues and many more.

At Maniton Tours, we promise you a travel partner you can rely on, an unmatched level of outstanding services where you can feel confident about the final result.

Address: 01 Petroleum Campanies St.

Down Town, Egypt.

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