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Our company is in the business of providing quality African safari and vacation travel experiences to both the seasoned and first time traveler. As Landmark safaris we appreciate the implication of long distance travel. Most importantly we realize that the long distance African vacation is for most people a once in a lifetime experience, we therefore go to lengths to make it just that... a lifetime experience. As a company we further understand the implications of long distance travel, both financial and physical, and in this respect we aim to provide the ideal travel package suited to individual travel needs. We also aim to provide the best value for money without compromising quality and needs.

The business of Landmark safaris is to provide and organize information of the African destination and handle all processes in arranging an African vacation. This we do to take all the hassles of planning a vacation and all we ask is for you to sit and enjoy the ride.

What are Our Key Values?
At Landmark Safaris! we are guided by our core values – they are the source of our motivation and the central purpose of our being here. Our values are based on the promise of providing:
• knowledge and understanding of our customers needs
• recognizing the customer as our top priority
• a wide variety of highest quality safari packages for all needs
• reliable, accurate and quality information through our experienced travel people
• unbeatable personalized service delivery
• making affordable African vacation packages for our travelers

We build on our core values daily through our people, the brands, our promotional campaigns and our easy-on-the-pocket pricing policies. We are defined by our core
values in the delivery of quality, highly personalized and professional safari experiences too our esteemed customers. To us, the buck stops with the customer and we go out of our way not only to provide vacations but to create, cement and nature relationships with travelers. Such relationships have overtime proved very critical to the very resounding success of our business. We care.

How have we succeeded?
Landmark Safaris! success is based on the strength of its brands and the diversity of its travel products that both tantalize and suggest to you, the boundless possibilities of vacationing in Africa. The width of our distribution network is what provides the benefits of scale in developing exciting travel packages, and destinations, that will give you that 'unforgettable holiday'

We do this by

• developing high-quality, strongly differentiated travel packages and service standards with our affiliated service providers
• extending our network of strategic travel partners so that international guests will find packages and tours that are attractive to them
• utilizing the benefits of global marketing to share the 'African Experience' with travellers of all nationalities, and enhance their lives with new vision of life

Our Strength

• A management team with ten years of combined travel and marketing experience
• High quality, strongly differentiated and branded travel products
• Ability to be flexible and to react to individual traveler needs and other change
• Extensive network of travel service providers and worldwide agents
• Significant benefits in the areas of marketing and technology infrastructure
• Effective distribution through technology innovations

What’s our future like?

Our operations headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya continues to forge strong partnerships with travel agents around the world so as to provide affordable safaris. Our investment in marketing, technology and communication infrastructure makes it easier for our sales team to maximize the value for your holiday investment.

In Landmark Safaris! The customer is at the heart of everything we do. All our efforts are geared to add value and traveler’s satisfaction from their African vacation. Our products are marketed in over 100 countries, therefore what we do and how we do it has far reaching implications. We therefore prefer to do it very well. We are very concerned of how we appear in our source markets, and so will go to great lengths to create good and long lasting relationships with our customers. Truthfully over 40% of our business is made of repeat clientele who will vouch for us anytime and any day. Landmark safaris intends to built the repeat business to over 60% overtime through fostering more of such healthy market relationships.

A vacation is more than taking a break. It is about broadening ones horizons and enhancing ones life-style. To this end we are committed to providing a service-driven leisure experience that is also an education about the planet we live upon and which our children will inherit.

Our People
Exceeding our Expectations: our professional and highly qualified staffs are very instrumental in making your vacation a resounding success. We establish ambitious goals for our businesses and ourselves and then stretch to exceed them. We recognize that today's best is the benchmark we must surpass tomorrow. Our standards and quality of service has, through aiming for the stars, reached the moon. We are incomparable in quality and professional service delivery in Africa.

Team Work:
The success of your vacation depends on the symphony of the booking agents, the sales team and the driver guides with you in the field. Coordination and teamwork is therefore very essential for the success of your safari vacation in Africa. Landmark personnel are continuously trained in team building and outdoor schools to enable synchronous service delivery; like pieces of a Swiss watch.

Career Development
We are strong proponents of personal development of our staff members. We realize that without continuously training our staff, we risk adapting our service delivery in a constantly changing industry. We undertake on-the-job training for the staff in furthering courses like guiding, interpretation and visitor education, visitor handling and hospitality.

Landmark Safaris! strives to be an exceptional place for people to work and operate on the basis of mutual respect for all employees and insist on the highest ethical and professional conduct.
Where do you find us in Nairobi?
The Landmark safaris headquarters are located in the 'cultural exchange' with the German Goethe institute and the French Alliance Francaise as our neighbors. The Kenyan Ministry of Tourism are also our immediate neighbors.

Located on the 16th Floor of View Park Towers, the offices are bright and airy. The rear of the building faces the lush green central park with its evergreen trees and well manicured lawns and meandering walkways. The Uhuru (freedom) highway is lined with indigenous plant species and palms. The falling water of fountains on the Nyayo philosophy monument in the park provides a reminiscing backdrop to our offices. Client meetings and staff briefings are conducted in an ambience of freshness and life.


We are located in one of the remote corners of the Central Business District that borders the shrubby, green and beautiful Capitol Hill on one side and the busy downtown on the other. We area therefore very centrally located and convenient to reach.

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