Much admired, and not easily replicated, the Lake Palace culture is firmly grounded in our people – in who we are, what we believe and how we behave. 
At Lake Palace, we are the global leader and innovator of the lifestyle hospitality sector. We create a vibe that encourages our guests to live every moment more intensely. Lake Palace is immersive, transformative and deeply engaging; embracing irony and style, elegance and luxury, with strong and daring vision. We lead, where others follow.
The company was established in 2013 under the parent company 'Royal Blue Hotels Pvt Ltd.', and started to operate in that idea to provide the best experience in the tourism industry for the people who come to spend their hard earned vacations. We aim to always regard our clients' need and to develop our ongoing activities, target according to their feedback.
Vacation in God's Own Country has always been a thrilling experience; as always it's God's Gift on Green, which till date remains a wonder to the rest of the world. A completely different world altogether awaits for the traveler, young adventurist and is a complete place for leisure amongst group of friends in Lake Palace.
Lake Palace is always a growing and expanding Hotel as we are keep on making the guests stay more cherishable by giving the most unwinding experience they could have; we also make sure there is a ‘Wow Factor’ in each day of their stay with us.

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