At a time when there's very little that's really new. Where true discoveries are harder to come by, and real connections are harder to make, it's great to know that there is still one road, that will take you on a journey like never before. To a destination like nowhere else, into the heartland of Namibia, where real community still exists.

Inspired by the fascinating character of Namibia and its people, Joe's is where a love for adventure, stories and living to the fullest, comes to vibrant life. Through our unique combination of delicious and authentic food, heartfelt hospitality, and our one-of-its-kind atmosphere, we feed the mouth and soul, celebrate old memories; and build new ones with you
So much more than just another restaurant. For people who still dream of truly great escape.
Joe's The great escape
There’s an un-official saying that goes like this: ‘You have not been to Namibia if you have not been to Joe’s’. Best you check it out?
Edited by: Anne Schauffer
Joe’s Beerhouse is for those who like the road less travelled. A place where the unexpected can occur, where quirky is normal, and where nothing is ordinary. A bit like Namibia really. Comfortably, gloriously different.
Joe’s isn’t new, but then again, a colourful history is one of the elements which gives an establishment a sense of place. JB first opened its doors in October 1991 in Grimm Street in Windhoek, relocated two and a half years later to Independence Avenue, and in 2001, settled firmly on 160 Nelson Mandela Avenue. From Grimm to Nelson Mandela…how’s that for Joe’s journey, well, Joachim’s actually, German-born Joachim Gross, founder of Joe’s Beerhouse. Joachim was a master chef who’d worked all around the world, from Germany and France, to Asia and the Bahamas…with a few cruise liners thrown in in between. He arrived in Namibia in 1986 and within a few years opened a legend - Joe’s Beerhouse.

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