Welcome to India, a land of majestic tiger, and the graceful elephant, the magnificent peacock and the gigantic Rhinoceros; offers natural habitat to the wild animals in its wildlife sanctuaries and national parks is indeed, a delight for the nature lovers. Due to its diverse topography and varying climatic conditions, Indian wildlife can boast off is not available anywhere else in the world

What would you call a nation peppered with more than 80 National parks and 440 Wildlife sanctuaries - a wildlife fiesta! India is a perfect place for Wildlife lovers. From tropical rain forests to the snowy heights of the Himalayas, India's varied environment is home to the vast range of wildlife, including the Royal Bengal tiger which thrives in some of the India's most stunning National parks. These parks provide vast opportunity, flora and fauna with Elephant rides, jeep, walking and boats. Some of these areas are Corbett (Uttar Pradesh), Ranthambore (Rajasthan), Gir (Gujarat), Kanha and Bandhavgarh (Madhya Pradesh), Periyar (Kerala) and Kaziranga in Assam.

In India, we have the best of natural sights and as the forest line is vast, there are some wonderful bird sanctuaries that are worth paying a visit to. The distribution of birds over the globe is a fascinating subject and the reason why some species are so widespread and others so restricted is largely a matter of speculation. The magnificent bird sanctuary at Bharatpur provides a vast breeding area for the native water birds. The famous species of birds in National parks of India are - Racquet tailed drogas, tree pies jungle owlets, Minvets, Ioras, sun birds, Kingfisher Siberia Crane. All these species and sub-species of birds could be observed in Bharatpur bird sanctuary, Ghana National Park and in the Andaman and Nicobar region.

Experience a wildlife odyssey in India with India Jungle Tours. For an exciting, unforgettable, ultimate wildlife adventure tiger country and beyond, we offer the lure of jungle adventure trial. Experience the thrill of excitement as you see a majestic royal Bengal tiger in the Indian Jungle on your tour. A jungle tour is incomplete if you don't actually live in jungle for a few days. Imagine living in a rest house or a tent in the midst of dense wilderness, and waking up to the twittering of birds or may be the roar of a lion!

With the experience of having more than 25 years in wildlife sanctuaries, our wildlife itineraries can be tailor made to your requirements and you can be sure of an authentic and fascinating close look at the majestic animals and birds in their natural habitat. The number and variety of wildlife and birds that you come across on these trips is vast amazing, the Indian wilderness has treasures that will leave you bedazzled.

The work force of India Jungle Tours is highly professional, skilled and has an extraordinary animal tracking skill that makes us one of the best Wildlife Tour operators in India. Right from the stay in resort, till the transportation and departure, everything will be arranged by our extremely professional staff and you will go back with a experience that you will behold for a long time. So, next time you plan a trip to India, take a refuge in the quietude along with the Wildlife and watch the exuberance of the bountiful nature in India.

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