Today, there are more than 180 ships in the fleets of the 30 major cruise lines visiting over 2000 ports of call every year With so many options, it has become even more important to choose the right destination, the right cruise line and the right ship. In addition, everyone has different needs, and expectations from a cruise. The right cruise for me may not be the right cruise for you

The Internet is a great tool to do your research - but is also just a starting point for your search. There are many deals available today - but a 'deal' is of no 'value' if it's not the right ship for you That's where we come in.
With an experienced team of consultants, who have sailed across the world - from Asia to the Poles, and on ships of all categories - from family ships to luxury ships to expedition ships, Cruise Club brings to you great personal service, top industry knowledge, and the best value for your cruise experience Our team of consultants will match the destination, cruise line and ship that best suits your lifestyle and expectations, and also help you plan the perfect day at each port of call.
Come aboard with us, and experience the following advantages:
First-hand Experience: and no, it's not just from reading the brochures Our Consultants have sailed on many cruise liners - from contemporary to luxury to polar expedition cruises, and bring you this first-hand experience.
Great Rates & Special Deals: We have access to great rates on over 40 cruise liners, making us the only Indian company with phenomenal support from nearly all cruise liners Given our fantastic relationships, we often bring special deals on specific sailings that are not available to the general public. Naturally, you stand to gain
24/7 Support Throughout Your Journey: Our job doesn't end when you sign-up for the cruise. Rather, it start's there - and our team of consultants is available 24/7 throughout your journey to help make your cruise experience a memorable one.
Welcome aboard, the sea is calling
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