My name is Oscar, I'm part British, part Irish and I guess a bit African as I grew up in Botswana, one of the safest and most beautiful countries in Africa. I left home at the age of 18 to go travelling around Europe, sleeping in a standard saloon car with a friend for 3 months and got bitten by the travel bug. I was supposed to go home and study but instead went back, saved some more money and sailed to the Caribbean. After a year and half of sailing and travelling the Caribbean, Virgin Islands, Bahamas and East Coast of America I decided that travelling would always be a part of my life. 

​I spent the next 15 years travelling and living around the world, always into a healthy and active lifestyle, playing rugby in Australia, England, Ireland and South Africa, and surfing in those same countries, surfing Central America, Europe, Indonesia, France, Morocco and West Indies. About 5 years ago my surf/snowboarding travel trips took a serious turn... I started Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) and life would never be the same.
Around the same time, and more importantly, I met my wife on a surf trip in Indonesia. Ingrid, a health food chef, surfer and avid snowboarder, and I went travelling for 6 months in 2016 through Central and South America and looked all over for places we could stay where we could surf and do BJJ; amazingly we couldn't find anywhere other than the odd week long camp! The idea for a BjjSurfParadise was born!
We are going to create a training paradise where anyone, from any gym, can come and roll 24/7/365, train, do yoga and surf world class waves while eating healthy food and having a relaxing and chilled environment in between sessions.
We have bought land in a secluded and quiet beach in Indonesia, a couple of islands over from the madness of Bali, and will be setting up a hotel, BJJ gym, training centre and yoga area, with the bonus of having world class waves on our doorstep.
We are currently working our butts off to make it happen and hope to open the doors by mid March 2019. 
We hope you'll come and join us some day to experience my dream. Drop us a line or hit the subscribe link and we'll keep you updated as it happens! I look forward to rolling with you! 
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