Belarus is a country just waiting to be explored. Passion towards this magnificent land is what PRIME TOUR LTD would like to inspire in all visitors.

PRIME TOUR LTD is a team of highly-skilled and experienced professionals, who have accumulated all the progressive trends in the sphere of international tourism. If You are looking for a reliable travel agency with longstanding experience and high-quality services, PRIME TOUR LTD is there for You.

We are pleased to provide complete travel assistance and a full range of services, capable of handling the most discerning clients. We have adopted international standards of service, so we could meet all Your requirements. PRIME TOUR LTD focuses on individual approach, as we do appreciate our every single client. Our ambition is to provide high level of service at competitive rates in order to perform well-grounded cost-effectiveness.

We are truly enthusiastic about our job and have a strong desire to share our passion towards Belarus with You!


32 Karastoyanovoy str. 220068 Minsk, Belarus

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