Interested in Bear Viewing tours in Alaska? Chinitna Bay Bear Tours with Alaskan gamefisher, is a renowned Bear Viewing Guide service with a commercial operator permit from the National Park Service, that offers you the best in Alaska bear viewing trips. When you plan a once in a lifetime trip to Alaska. Chinitna Bay Bear Tours will take you by boat, or plane to the remote pristine wilderness of Lake Clark National Park. We are the only Bear Viewing charter service  that accesses Chinitna Bay & Lake Clark National Park via boat.

Unlike many of our competitors, who offer crowded Alaskan bear viewing tours, Chinitna Bay Bear Tours lets you experience a less crowded, and a more remote wilderness wildlife tour to one of the largest national parks in the largest US state.
Your experienced Bear viewing guides will get you Close to Alaskan Brown (Grizzly bears) safely. This is an awesome adventure whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, naturalist, or photographer. Your Alaskan bear viewing tour begins in Anchor Point, Alaska which is close to Homer. After departing Anchor Point, you cross the beautiful Cook Inlet to Chinitna Bay in Lake Clark National Park. Once we arrive we get out of the boat and walk a short distance to watch the bears.
When you book your bear viewing tour in Alaska with us, it’s not uncommon to see at least 20-30 brown bears, with sow’s rambling around with their cubs, Juveniles playing and wrestling, Big Bears chasing Females in the breeding season, digging clams, or trying to catch salmon The panorama surrounded by towering peaks, forest, & snow capped mountains also draws your eyes with some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet!
For a small additional fee, you have a bonus of digging some clams or fishing for some halibut and salmon.  Really, what makes your Alaska bear viewing trip with us so special is that you get two amazing tours!
And this is not it. A total of five snow-capped volcanoes rise up 10,000 feet from sea level in an exquisite American national park just for you. Also, available from us is bear viewing with an Alaska bush plane to explore the other beautiful locations.

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