Many thanks for taking the time to visit our brand new website – we love it and hope that you do too! With the world now more accessible than ever before, it really is difficult to choose what to showcase, so we have handpicked some of our favourite destinations and things to do that we hope will inspire you and quickly get you into the holiday mood. But, whatever you would like to do, wherever you would like to go and however you would like to book, we are right here ready to help every step of the way. And, there is no limit to our services that include leisure& corporate travel, airline representation, groups and visas.

We have been in this industry for almost 40 years and during that timetravel has changed a huge amount, but there is one thing that remains the same and that is how good travelling makes you feel from the very moment that you decide to start planning a trip. We have never lost sight of this fact and know that how much we care about your travel arrangements is equally important as what we do, which is why we have built up a reputation over four decades as one of Dubai’s most trusted and admired travel companies.
The UAE knows Al Majid Travel & Tourism as a member of the Juma Al Majid Group , which was formed by H.E.Mr. Juma Al Majid back in 1950, and almost 70 years later he remains the guiding light and force behind the group’s phenomenal success, which among others includes Hyundai, KIA, Samsung, Isuzu, Yokohama tyres and the 5 Star Jood Palace Hotel in Dubai. So, we are in a fantastic company with a long history of serving the UAE with our customers and guests placed at the very heart of our group businesses. And by adhering to our highly respected Founder and Chairman’s sense of honesty, integrity and social awareness, which we have embodied in our new Customer Charter , we are a travel company that you can truly trust and depend on to safely take you to your destination.
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