I stayed in hotel in September 2014 for four days in a premium room.Some features of Hotel as experienced by me given below.
1.0 Location: excellent, near to everything, , enough parking space
2.0 Safety: Maximum. Hotel design is such that all rooms opens to hotel lobby, no dark corridors
3.0 Food: Excellent, you can order home food also particularly in long stays like rice, dal, phuka/tawa roti etc.
4.0 Staff: cool and calm, have long service records in the hotel, speaks volume about Hotel HR policy towards staff which in turn reflects on their good behavior on guests
5.0 Laundry service: excellent, charges very reasonable
6.0 Room food/fridge/stocked items: At near market rates, not exorbitantly priced.

1Bund Garden Road, Pune - 411001, MAHARASHTRA , Phone 020-26205000 020-26122633 , Website:http://www.hotelsagarplaza.com

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