Mumbai is a top-notch dazzler and this city of dreams, as it is fondly referred to in popular parlance, can give the cities around the world a run for their money when it comes to hospitality, entertainment avenues and business opportunities adequately complimented by infrastructure of international repute. Hotel Kohinoor Elite a true manifestation of this facet of ever-vibrant Mumbai. 


A typical property style business hotel, with proximity to the airport, Hotel Kohinoor Elite is a novelty in the hospitality industry and arguably the most popular choice amongst luxury hotels in Mumbai. The icing on the cake is that in spite of being located in the heart of the city, the guests never have to worry about the street noise permeating through the walls and can rejuvenate themselves in a peaceful and calm environment. 

Mumbai-400 070Mumbai-400 070, Off L.B.S. Road, Kurla (West), MAHARASHTRA , Phone 022-61526152 022-61526153 , Website:

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