High flier Karen Zuckerman has a secret weapon for avoiding the air terminal blues: treating herself to a facial or massage while waiting to board her plane. No, Zuckerman doesn''t travel with a beauty entourage. She''s just one of many travelers taking advantage of the proliferation of airport spas around the world.

President of Maryland-based marketing and advertising agency HZDG, Zuckerman often visits high-end beauty temples like the Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons and Canyon Ranch. While none of these luxurious spas have opened airport outposts (yet), plenty of other brands are helping make flying a whole lot more Zen these days.

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"An airport spa gives me the ability to multitask and do a little something for myself," explains Zuckerman, who travels about 30 times per year for work within the U.S. and Europe. Depending on what''s available, she''ll book a facial, massage or quick mani-pedi at whatever terminal she finds herself in. "When I''m really stressed and can sneak in a 20-minute neck or back massage, that''s a huge bonus," she says.

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Sunny Kortz of OraOxygen -- whose spas in the Calgary International and Detroit airports attract travelers, airport employees and the odd civilian (the Calgary branch is located pre-security) -- reports that many clients come for combined oxygen/massage treatments. "The oxygen refreshes your body and mind after a long plane trip," she says. "When used together with a massage treatment, people can go energized to that business meeting or trip with the kids."

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Whether you''re stuck in transit, quailing at the prospect of boarding a long-haul flight or just whiling away the hours between check-in and takeoff, there are now countless ways to relieve the tension, stress and ennui of traveling before you''ve even taken off. Check out our list of terminally fabulous airport spas, from Calgary to Dubai, and prepare to give travel-induced stress a send-off.

Timeless Spa
Dubai International Airport

Emirates -- the first carrier to offer in-flight showers to first-class passengers -- has also brought luxury pampering to its terrestrial hub in Dubai. Three Timeless Spas are located at the airport''s Terminal 3: one in the Emirates First Class Lounge, a second in the Business Lounge and a third at the Dubai International Airport Hotel. Both lounge spas offer express services like half-back massages, mini-manicures, reflexology and basic hairstyling (including blow-dry, trimming and beard-shaving) at no cost; for those with more time to spare, the Timeless Spa at the Airport Hotel offers full-body massages, body wraps and anti-aging facial treatments.

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