JAL Expands International Network with New Services to San Diego

Measured in the number of flights, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is the fourth most important airport in air traffic between Japan and Europe.




Helsinki Airport. Photo: Finavia.

Japan Airlines (JAL) has launched a daily route between Tokyo and Helsinki. According to Kauppalehti, the new route increases the annual number of passengers by nearly 200 000.

“Helsinki-Vantaa Airport offers a compact terminal and smooth connections with minimum transfer times, making it an excellent transit point to and from numerous cities within Europe, “ says Masaru Onishi, Chairman of Japan Airlines.

Yoichiro Oda, JAL’s Regional General Manager Finland and Northern Europe, estimates in an interview conducted with Kauppalehti that around 70 per cent of travellers along the new route to Helsinki will continue to other destinations in Europe.

Finnair increases co-operation with oneworld airlines

“Due to the increasing number of transit passengers, Finland has exceptional flight connections in proportion to its size, which increases the country’s attractiveness from the viewpoint of international companies. Airline traffic holds a significant role in boosting the whole country’s competitiveness and economic growth,” says Kari Savolainen, Finavia’s CEO.

In connection with the launching of the new route, Finnair announced that it would increase its co-operation with Japan Airlines and British Airways. Finnair will partner with the companies in coordinating flights, pricing and marketing, which will boost operations and help to maintain competitive prices for tickets, as a result of the achieved cost savings.

Finnair also announced that it would be embarking on similar co-operation with American Airlines in North America. All of the companies are part of the same oneworld® alliance.

In addition to Japan Airlines, Finnair also flies daily from Helsinki to Japan.

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