Duct Tape Surfing : The Thrillseekers Adventure Film Festival .

This short film, showing at the Thrillseekers Adventure Film festival, may be the most moving surfing video you will ever watch.

 This short surfing film, which is showing at the Thrillseekers Adventure Film Festival next month, tells the touching story of an Australian woman, Pascale Honore.

Despite being paralysed by a car accident 18 years ago, she still has a remarkable spirit of adventure.

She writes: "The first time I saw the ocean I was mesmerised and just wanted to live by the water. My two sons have grown up surfing, and watching them has made me want to get in the waves with them."

The film tells the story of how she achieved her dream of surfing with the help of her sons'' friend Tyron Swan – and some strong duct tape.

 The Thrillseekers Adventure Film Festival essentials

From October 14 to November 30 at cinemas across the country, with three separate programmes of films. Duct Tape Surfer will be included in programme 3.

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