Requests for escort services and plant sitting were among the strange demands placed by holidaymakers on one travel agent. has revealed a list of some of the more unusual questions from customers that left the website’s support team scratching their heads.

They include a request to remove a particular horse from stables in the Dominican Republic after a customer complained about being left with a red bottom after riding – and sent in photos to back it up.

Another holidaymaker with an exacting sense of style complained that the colour of a hotel room’s curtains clashed with the bed linen.

Other requests received by were of a more salacious nature.

One holidaymaker cheekily asked for a code name to be used on his booking, due to the fact that he would be travelling with his son’s wife rather than his own. An escort service was demanded by another customer, who contacted the customer services team three times to enquire if his hotel provided one. There was more than a hint of jealousy when another traveller called to request a club entertainer be fired for looking at his girlfriend, and desperation from the customer who begged for a break that would save his marriage.

Romance blossomed for another however, who emailed asking for the telephone number of a pretty lady he met on holiday – he just couldn’t remember where or when.

Other services travellers hoped the booking agents could provide included plant sitting and information on the temperature of the sea off Marrakesh.

David Beatley, head of customer operations at, said their customer requests "do sometimes uncover very personal needs.”


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