Boutique Hotel Management Asia has changed its business name to Boutique Hospitality Management Asia (BHMAsia) effective immediately.

The company said that the small change to its business name is to better reflect the total hospitality solution services the company provides, not only to cover the hotels and resorts sector but also villas, residences, apartment and condominiums from the early planning stage through the whole process including sales and marketing, pool rental management and consultancy.

“We have decided to change our name in line with our expanding business services offered. We believe that this change will better explain our current business services and consulting delivered to our region client base,” said Mr. Anthony McDonald, CEO of BHMAsia. “Despite the name change, there has been no change in the management, we will be providing, we will simply be expanding that service now to encompass not only hotels and resorts management but now also to hospitality management in the villas, apartments, and residences sector. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and clients for their patronage and support in the past years and looking forward to continuing to do business together in the future.”

Boutique Hospitality Management Asia or BHMAsia is a regional Asian Pacific hospitality management, development and consulting group. In addition to providing consulting and management for boutique and mid sizes hotels and resorts from 50 to 250 rooms, the group offers consulting, feasibility, brokerage and development services for hospitality asset owners and investors.

The company is owned and operated by a mix of international and local executives with experience in all areas of the industry.

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