Episode two - Alberta by tandem bicycle

Watch the second episode of Dominic Gill's travels around Alberta in Canada with an assorted cast of co-cyclists on his tandem bicycle.

Episode two
Rain strikes early in this second leg, but Dominic and his second co-cyclist Oliver East, a 29 year-old competition winner from Britain, find "the perfect diner" for shelter, before passing through Dinosaur Prov Camp, and typical Alberta rural countryside.

Then Dominic's next riding companion joins him, Colleen Ast, a vegan chef from Edmonton.

Earlier this year, Dominic Gill spent a month travelling around the Canadian province of Alberta by tandem bicycle. He was joined by a different character for each of the six legs of his journey in a project called 'Take a Seat: Alberta'. Ranging from local chefs to naturalised Canadian citizens with a passion for cycling, they helped Dominic complete his journey through the different landscapes of the province, from the prairies, to the Canadian Rockies and cities.

Although the theme is familiar, it is something of a change of scene for the Briton. One of his recent projects was ‘Take a Seat: Egypt’, a 2,500-mile journey through the North African country, also by tandem bicycle, which began at the time of the uprising against President Mubarak.

That was the most recent upshot of his decision to cycle – on a tandem – from Alaska to Argentina, a 20,000 mile journey that took more than two years. He has since taken his bicycle to more than 20 countries, often picking up riders spontaneously as he goes and allowing him to hear their stories.

 Episode one
Dominic’s first companion on the Alberta tandem bike was Martin Dodd, a 40 year-old Australian who has lived in Calgary for the past six years, and recently became a Canadian citizen. This video showed their journey from Calgary, heading south to the Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park where they learned about petroglyphs and Alberta’s First Nation history.


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