Most MPs to head abroad this summer

A greater percentage of MPs are heading overseas this summer than general public, with Welsh politicians most keen to get away.

As many as 67 per cent members of Parliament are likely to have a break overseas this summer, according to a survey conducted for travel organisation Abta. This compares to 57 per cent of the general public.

Based on responses from 157 MPs and weighted to be representative of the Commons by party and region, the survey showed that Welsh MPs were the keenest to head abroad, followed by those from the Midlands and the north of England.

Nearly nine out of 10 Welsh MPs (88 per cent) are likely to have a holiday abroad this summer, followed by MPs from the Midlands (72 per cent), the North of England (68 per cent), and Scotland and Northern Ireland (63 per cent). MPs from London are the least likely to have a holiday abroad this summer, with just six out of 10 planning a trip.

Of MPs born after 1960, a total of 71 per cent were preferring a foreign holiday, compared with only 54% of those born before 1950. Male MPs (69 per cent) were more likely to go abroad than women ones (62 per cent).


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