Philippines Tourism Board Wants More African Americans to Visit their Country

*Nationwide — The Philippines Tourism Board (PTB) is launching a new advertising campaign to encourage more African Americans to visit their country.

The Philippines consists of more than 7,100 islands located in Southeast Asia, and all of the islands are abundantly full of beautiful beaches, palm trees, and wildlife. Some even have hills and mountains.

Even more, the Philippines is known for being extremely affordable for tourists. One U.S. dollar equals nearly 40 Philippine pesos, and that translates to huge savings for vacation seekers. For example, the average room a beachfront hotel resort will only cost you about $55 a night. A one hour professional massage would only cost you about $5 – $10. A delicious meal of fresh seafood, rice, vegetables and fresh fruit drinks (like mango, banana, or watermelon) would cost about $10 per person or less.

The weather is always nice, as the country has an average year-round temperature of 85 degrees, and the people are known to be the most friendly people in the world. Even better, English is a widely spoken language, so communication is not difficult at all.

Millions of white Americans, Europeans, Australians, and other Asians visit the Philippines every year to take vacations, but reportedly, very few tourists are African Americans. In response to this, the Philippine Tourism Board is making an effort to educate this demographic about what they are missing out on. The marketing slogan this year from the country’s Dept of Tourism is: “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”.

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About The Philippines
The Philippines, officially known as the Republic of the Philippines, is an archipelago consisting of more than 7,100 beautiful islands. The population is more than 90 million, there are more than 50 languages spoken (including English), and the country is known for it’s beautiful women, delicious watermelon and mango, and it’s affordability for tourists who are on a shoe string budget. Surrounding countries include Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the U.S. territory of Guam. For more details or to book a hotel reservation, visit

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