British travellers carry items worth 2,500 pounds on holidays: Poll

An average British traveller packs 2,500 pounds worth of expensive stuff, including laptops, camera and cash, for their holiday, according to a new poll.

The poll also found that the items stolen the most from holidaymakers include gadgets, sunglasses and jewellery.

The survey showed that Britons take 700 pounds worth of electronics - including cameras, tablets, phones and laptops - 400 pounds of clothes and shoes, 350 pounds of accessories and nearly 100 pounds of toiletries as the norm.

Nearly one in five also pack at least 500 pounds worth of cash in their suitcase before it goes in the aircraft hold.

The value of goods in cases and hand luggage has risen 67 per cent over the past five years, with children as young as three taking items worth hundreds away with them, 'The Sun' reported.

Around one in five do not use all the stuff they take and the same amount have had to fork out for excess baggage charges at check-in, the poll found.

"The plethora of gadgets now being taken abroad has pushed the value of luggage to more than the holiday itself," said Selwyn Fernandes, MD of LV travel insurance which did the survey.

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