Hospitality experience

I have 13 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, working with reputable hotel chains such as Hilton, Starwood, Taj and the Marriott.
How long have you hel this poistion? 
I have held my position as food and beverage manager at Wyndham Garden Dammam for five months.
My job in 50 words
During my role as the food and beverage manager at Wyndham Garden Dammam, Saudi Arabia, I manage all food and beverage and day to day operations to the highest standards. I maintain excellent levels of guest service satisfaction and identity guest needs, as well as respond proactively to all of their concerns.
My hospitality journey
Since I prefer to excel my career in food and beverage, I completed my hospitality certification before I started my career as a trainee in different departments with one of the most reputable hospitality groups around.
My three biggest challenges
I believe the three biggest challenges that I have as the food and beverage manager at Wyndham Garden Dammam was the short period in the lead up to the pre-opening of the hotel, the up keep of guest expectations during their stay at the hotel,  and making guests from different cultural backgrounds comfortable.
My strategies
I believe that staff training, development programs and motivation plays a key role in the smooth running of operations.
Three things I enjoy about my job
The three things that I enjoy about my job are exploring new challenges at the hotel and making sure guests are satisfied with our service. I also believe that team work is key to my success at my role in the hotel.
Biggest achievement
After joining Wyndham Garden Dammam, Saudi Arabia I was tasked to open food and beverage outlets within a short period. The project was completed at the hotel in one month.

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