Asian families take more than twice the number of family trips as Western travelers -- and are more likely to take grandparents along with them. 

Those are some of the findings of a new "Family Travel Trends 2018" report commissioned by online travel site Agoda that teased out some interesting differences in the way families from around the world travel. 
The findings are based on the online responses of 10,784 respondents from the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and China. 
One of the biggest differences in travel trends between Western and Asian countries? While families from the West (defined as US, UK and Australia) average about two family vacations a year, Asian travelers reported taking about five short one-to-three-night trips throughout the year.
This is particularly true for people living in Thailand and the Philippines, where 77 percent and 62 percent respectively claimed to have taken five or more family breaks in the past year. 
That compares to 34 percent of British holidaymakers who turned out to be most likely to take just one family vacation a year. 
When it comes to multi-generational family travel, there are also some countries that are more likely to include grandparents in their holiday plans than others. 
With 66 percent of respondents saying they've taken grandparents on their family vacation, Thais are most family-oriented, followed by Indonesians (54 percent). 
At the other end of the spectrum, travelers from the UK and Australia are least likely to bring grandparents along. 
Asian families are also more likely to travel with family friends, as nearly half of respondents in the Philippines, followed closely by Vietnamese and Malaysian travelers said they've gone on group vacations. 
China bucks the trend at 27 percent, along with Aussies, Brits and Americans, who are least likely to do the same.

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