Delhi today joined global cities using a common card for commuting in public transport, with Metro smart card becoming a valid mode of payment for travel in DTC and Cluster buses.

The Delhi government and the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) agreed to authorise the Metro smart card as common mobility card for paying fares in DTC and cluster buses.
"The scheme that was delayed due to several reasons for the past many months has been rolled out today covering all public transport buses," a government official said.
DTC and cluster scheme buses have been readied for acceptance of Delhi Metro smart card as a mode of payment for purchasing tickets, the official said.
Electronic ticketing devices for 1,650 cluster and 3,965 Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses have been equipped with secured access module chips to swipe smart cards of passengers, he said.
The trial for common mobility card was started in 100 buses in September last year. Again in January, trials in 250 buses were launched by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.
It was said that the scheme will cover all buses by April.
Bus conductors have been trained for issuing tickets to passengers using smart cards.
However, the number of passengers using their Metro smart cards for buying bus tickets is very low due to lack of information.
According to the DMRC, the daily ridership has gone up to 28 lakh in recent days. Around 80 per cent of these commuters use smart cards. DTC buses carry over 32 lakh passengers every day. 

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